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Let me just say that there is nothing else like starting the day with some pussy lovin’. It just gives me a great mood that lasts until night comes. And guess what, that’s when pussy lovin’ starts all over again. So what I am saying is that thanks to my dildos I’m always happy. Now don’t get me wrong, I prefer a genuine dick to vibrators, cause vibrators can’t cumm. And I really like that greasy-sticky feeling on my skin. Just the other day I saw this guy getting out of the shower and my God was his cock huge. Kind of turned me on and made me eager for some action.. It’s a good thing I have guys watching me when I pleasure my self. It feels less lonely and much more intense. Sometimes I’d wish some of them real nice guys lived next door to me…Anyway all I can hope is that the batteries won’t wear off cause I’ll ruin my nails I’ll be back with some updates…I am thinking of buying a bigger toy.Click here to view my last show pics and to view my profile and know a lot more about me, click here.